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Week 2 vs. South: Jane Hazlett (1st Qtr) & Terry Schultz (3rd Qtr)

Week 3 vs. Newcomerstown: Betty Lewis (1st Qtr) & Andrew Cupp (3rd Qtr)

Week 4 vs. GCC: Betty Azbell (1st Qtr) & Marlene Muncie (3rd Qtr)

Week 7 vs. Harvest Prep: James Saunders (1st Qtr) & Autumn Warthman (3rd Qtr)

Week 8 vs. Rosecrans: Cathy Sisco (1st Qtr) & Alfreda Havens (3rd Qtr)





WEEK 10 Boxscore

Oct 28, 2017


Rockets 56, Warriors 21

WEEK 9 Boxscore

Oct 21, 2017


Rockets 49, Lakers 7

WEEK 8 Boxscore

Oct 14, 2017


Bishops 41, Rockets 13

WEEK 7 Boxscore

Oct 7, 2017


Warriors 56, Rockets 21

WEEK 6 Boxscore

Sept 30, 2017


Rockets 47, Knights 6

WEEK 5 Boxscore

Sept 24, 2017


Rockets 21, Irish 10

WEEK 4 Boxscore

Sept 16, 2017


Rockets 41, Eagles 7

WEEK 3 Boxscore

Sept 9, 2017


Rockets 41, Trojans 0

WEEK 2 Boxscore

Sept 2, 2017


Bulldogs 28, Rockets 14

WEEK 1 Boxscore

Aug 26, 2017


Rockets 28, Huntsmen 13

2-a-Days Completed!

August 13, 2017

Although the scrimmage vs. Unioto was cut short due to the weather, it was a successful night for the Rockets. Check out pictures from the scrimmage on the Photos page. The team will travel to Northridge Friday night for their final scrimmage before the season begins next week at Huntington. Driving direction to all away games can be found on the Driving Directions page.


School begins this Thursday! Summer has gone by fast, with the completion of 2-a-days now comes the start of the school year. Best of luck to all teachers, students, and staff!




July Update

July 14, 2017

Summer is going by fast, several important reminders as the season draws near:


*2017 Discount Cards are on sale now, see a high school football player to get one (discounts shown on front page)


*Be sure to check out the latest video highlighting our new uniforms as well as pics from the Logan Elm 7 on 7/Lineman Competition


*1st camp practice for the middle school team will be Monday, July 24th


*All players must have their physicals completed and paperwork turned in by the 1st day of mandatory practice! (July 31st)




Midnight Madness Recap

June 4, 2017

The 2017 Midnight Madness took place this past Friday evening as a night of competition and team building. The weather was beautiful and likely played a part in attracting the biggest crowd to date to come out and support the football Rockets during their annual June event. The overall champions of the evening was Team Maroon and the Tug-a-War champions were Team Gold. Team Black was awarded 10 team points for having the best war paint.


*ATTENTION* The girls youth basketball tournament set to take place next weekend (June 9-11) has been cancelled. We will try to host another tournament again next year.


Summer lifting begins tomorrow for high school players and Tuesday for Middle School Players.




ROCKET GAMES Draft Results

April 30, 2017



Lance Schwalbach (12) Jacob Ricker (12) Mitch Dalrymple (12) David Reed (12)
Zane Mirgon (11) Jeremiah Wolfenbarger (12) Chaz Dickerson (11) Joey Muncie (12)
Brody Weidner (12) Robbie Brendsel (12) Burke Schultz (11) Dakota Justice (12)
Chance Schwalbach (12) Logan VanGundy (11) Austin Day (12) Isaiah Durr (12)
Chase Miller (11) Alec Conrad (11) Tyler Householder (10) Nick Heilman (10)
Jacob Harmon (10) Chase Lewis (11) Kolt Culbertson (11) Christian Callahan (9)
Dawson Lindamood (12) Jacob Motta (11) Jayden Tolliver (10) Jacob Hurst (9)
Chase McCartney (10) Aidan Lanning (10) Dameon Burns (11) Luis Herrera (9)
Lewie Stephens (9) Brandon Sharp (10) Corbin Unger (12) Colton Roley (9)
Josh Malone (10) Hayden Rarick (9) John Bauer (9) Landon Godenschwager (10)
Noah Burroughs (10) Lucas Heston (9) Ty Kerkes (9) Zaid Abdulsalam (12)
Baron Dobbins (11) Jacob Tharp (12) Mike Winegardner (12) Jacob Hudson (11)
Colt McCormick (9)      



Congratulations to the 2017 1st Round Draft Picks!

Rockets Move to Division 7

Apr 9, 2017

On Thursday the OHSAA released the enrollment counts for the 2017 football season. This is the first year that a competitive balance formula will be used to try and make the playing field even for public and private schools. With the new numbers, the Rockets moved down to Division VII making us one of the three largest schools in the division. Click the link below to see the numbers for every school in the state:



There will be a team meeting this Thursday morning before school in the Community Room to discuss the upcoming ROCKET GAMES draft. The team captains from the Leadership Group are listed below.


Team Gold: Mirgon, Schwalbach

Team Maroon: Ricker, Wolfenbarger

Team Grey: Dickerson, Dalrymple

Team Black: Reed, Muncie



3rd 9 Weeks Honor Roll

Apr 1, 2017

The 3rd grading period of the school year came to an end and with it several Rockets on the Honor Roll:


11th Graders:

-Robbie Brendsel (All A's)

-Jacob Ricker

-Joey Muncie

-Corbin Unger

-Chance Schwalbach

-Dakota Justice

-Dawson Lindamood


10th Graders:

-Jacob Motta

-Zane Mirgon

-Chaz Dickerson


9th Graders:

-Noah Burroughs (All A's)

-Chase McCartney

-Nick Heilman

-Aidan Lanning


8th Graders:

-Jacob Hurst

-Lewie Stephens

-Colt McCormick


7th Graders:

-Ian Staten

-Sammy Amnah


The senior class had the highest overall GPA with an average 2.975. The GPA contest winners have been posted in the weight room, check out if you won! The day of the award will be posted soon. Don't forget, fall eligibility will be determined on the grades from the 4th 9 weeks!


This week also marked the halfway point of the spring workout cycle. As a team we averaged 85% attendance this week. The seniors led the way once again with 97.6% overall attendance. There are currently 8 players who have a streak of at least 30 workouts in a row and 5 more that have a streak of 20 straight workouts attended.



March Max-Out Awards

March 9, 2017



2017 All-Iron Team


Heavyweight: Joey Muncie

Middleweight: Brody Weidner

Lightweight: Lance Schwalbach




Congratulations to the following players who earned a spot on each of the following weight clubs

(** = met their club goal):


500 lb. Club                    550 lb. Club                    600 lb. Club

**KOLT CULBERTSON**      Chance Schwalbach            Dawson Lindamood

**COLT McCORMICK**        Zane Mirgon                         Lance Schwalbach

                                             **NOAH BURROUGHS**       Burke Schultz

                                             **BRANDON SHARP**         **JACOB HARMON**

                                             **LUIS HERRERA**             **JACOB HURST**

                                             **HAYDEN RARICK**


650 lb. Club                    700 lb. Club                     750 lb. Club

**ISAIAH DURR**                  Mitch Dalrymple               **JACOB RICKER**

**LOGAN VANGUNDY**       **AUSTIN DAY**                **BRODY WEIDNER**

                                                                                 **TYLER HOUSEHOLDER**


800 lb. Club                    850 lb. Club                     950 lb. Club

Dakota Justice                                                                   **JOEY MUNCIE**




TOP WINTER ATTENANCE:                  Jacob Ricker

BIGGEST GAINS:                                  Joey Muncie

                                                              Kolt Culbertson

20 WORKOUTS IN A ROW:                   Ricker, Muncie

MOST A.M. WORKOUTS:                      Austin Day

MOST A.M. WORKOUTS IN A ROW:     Zane Mirgon




2nd 9 Weeks Honor Roll

Jan 30, 2017

Congratulations to the following players who made the Honor Roll, keep up the good work!

7th Grade: Ian Staten, Wesley Nye

8th Grade: Jacob Hurst, Colt McCormick

9th Grade: Noah Burroughs

10th Grade: Chaz Dickerson, Jacob Motta, Zane Mirgon, Kolt Culbertson

11th Grade: Jacob Ricker (ALL A's), Joey Muncie, Chance Schwalbach, Dawson Lindamood


Winners of the GPA contest are posted in the weight room. Award will be this Sunday from 1-3pm. See Coach Daulton if you have any questions.




Rockets on the Court

Jan 11, 2017

Basketball season is in full swing; several members of the football team are competing on this year's basketball team. Best of luck to them as the season hits the mid-way point.


Just a reminder- the 2nd 9 weeks is nearly complete, make sure you are finishing strong in order to out-perform your opponent in the GPA competition! 


“The difference between a successful person and others is not a lack of strength, not a lack of knowledge, but rather a lack of will.”

-Vince Lombardi




Painting Main Street 2015

After June workouts several members of the football team helped show some town pride by painting rockets along Main Street.

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