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A Word from Coach Daulton


May, 2017


It is hard to believe but the school year is nearly complete. Before you know it we will be on the practice field, and after that we’ll be running out on the field for the kickoff week 1. With the end of the year come many important dates that I want to take a moment and remind everyone about:


-This Friday will be the first of three Rocket Runs before school for 8th-11th graders. During the last week of school there will be a mandatory parent/player meeting for the middle school (Tuesday, 23rd) and the high school (Thursday, 25th). The meetings will take place in the Auditorium and are very important so please set your calendars now.

-The 25th is also free physical night, I highly encourage you to make sure your son takes advantage of this evening in order to get his physical free and for all of his athletic paperwork to be completed for the year.

-Midnight Madness will take place the first Friday after school lets out (June 2nd) at 10pm on the game field under the lights. This is a fun night of competitions amongst the ROCKET GAMES teams and I encourage you to attend and cheer on your son’s team.


Our final round of weight room max-outs will take place next week. We will then have a week of conditioning after school and the final two weeks of May there will be no before/after school workouts in order for the team to concentrate on their end of year tests and assignments. Once again as a reminder, the 4th grading period grades are what determine fall athletic eligibility. If you are not sure what the eligibility rules are, please contact me. Our goals are high and the season will be here before we know it, continue to work hard and understand that each one of us has a role in the success of our football program. RISE ABOVE!


                                                                                                -Coach Daulton




Mar, 2017


The leadership group held our 4th meeting of the off-season Friday, during which we discussed the difference between the skills needed for our daily jobs/duties versus the skills needed to succeed in life. These type of behavior skills include patience, communication, discipline, focus, character, trust and many, many more. Behavior skills truly allow us to succeed in life, but unfortunately are not the skills that so much of our focus goes into improving. In the world of education and business more time, energy, and money are put into training the skills needed to complete a job (job skills) rather than the skills that often get us fired from those jobs (life skills- i.e. lack of discipline to complete the job correctly, inability to communicate clearly). It is absolutely critical that we realize that job skills are the minimum requirement; they get you in the door. Behavior skills are the difference makers. I feel confident after each meeting that our talks are sinking in more and more with our leaders. I feel very strongly this ultimately will determine our success this season as a team and more importantly the success individually for each of our young men as they move on in life.


Our Ohio Mulch gift card sale will be ending this week, I hope that our players have had success earning money for themselves to help pay their way to team camp in July. Thank you in advance to all who supported our sale and those who continue to support our program. The future is bright for the Rockets, I assure you we will continue to work for the success that we all long for and deserve here at BU. RISE ABOVE!


                                                                                                -Coach Daulton




Jan, 2017


I am very excited for the beginning of 2017, great things await us here in The Grove! Rather than putting the cart before the horse, however, we must understand that rewards and honors are not simply given, they are earned. I agree whole-heartedly with Benjamin Franklin when he said, “I am a strong believer in luck and I find the harder I work the more I have of it.” For the second season in a row we were able to double our win total but for all of those who were there, we know we left too many plays on the field that could have led to more victories.


With the off-season workouts now if full swing, it is now that games are won or lost. It is through total commitment to improving ourselves academically, socially, and athletically where results in the fall will shine through. The 2017 season will be focused on living ABOVE THE LINE. I took time to introduce this way of thinking during my individual end-of-season meeting with each player, discussed it at our award ceremony, and it will be the focal point of each of our Leadership Group meetings during the offseason. Please take a moment to watch the video found on the home page of the website. This system of responding to situations has changed how I think for the better, and I hope it can for every member of our football program. If you have further questions or interest in learning more, please feel free to get a hold of me.


Happy New Year everyone, let’s make it a great one. RISE ABOVE!


                                                                                                -Coach Daulton

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